The process is built with deep care and support for community, an ambition to challenge systems, and facilitate a culture of learning.

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Culturally-appropriate food-related Community Economic Development (CED) and Cultural Reclamation is the focus of this collaborative. As a collaborative, we value shared-learning, reciprocity, respect and working with communities in a slow and committed way. Communities who are successful in applying for grants will also have the opportunity to take part in networking and shared-learning opportunities to help projects grow and inspire other communities. 

Key Grants information


2024 call for inquiries and applications is now CLOSED

Application deadline for this granting cycle was: November 24, 2023

Grants are then awarded in early March 2024 and spending should be completed by December 1st, 2024. Reports are due December 1st, 2024. Extensions are possible, just be sure to talk to us.  

Grant Types and Amounts

There are three types of grants for 2023:

  • Regular project grants: $10,000 – $30,000
  • Small grants: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Planning grants: $1,000 – $15,000

Collaborative Review

All applications are reviewed by peer reviewers consisting of volunteers, Northern Advisors and funder partners. 



Read Document

Start by reading through the 2024 Call for Inquiries and Proposals document

Complete Eligibilty Questionaire

Review the 5 questions to ensure that your project meets the necessary eligibility.

Call or Email Us

If you can say ‘yes’ to the eligibility questions, or are still unsure, please call or email us to discuss your community project in more detail. This will be a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the Collaborative or application process.



Does your community project include aspects of food, culture and Community Economic Development (CED)?

Culturally-appropriate food-related CED and Cultural Reclamation is our focus. 


Are you in the North?

The work must take place in Northern Manitoba (Province of Manitoba boundary map).


Does your project benefit a group of people?

We support people and believe in the strength of community. We suggest at least 15 families / households participating.


Does your community experience economic and food-related challenges?

We want to support people and communities that really need it.


Do you have an organization to administer the funds?

We can only give grants to charitable organizations or ‘qualified donees’ as defined by the CRA. An individual’s bank accounts cannot be used to administer funds. Call us and we will work with you to figure out a way to administer funds.


Flexible funding for community-led initiatives is our largest investment and at least 60% of total budget. Tailor-made for this region, it begins with conversation and relationship building, not a proposal.Granting is a multi-step 3 month process featuring feedback and learning loops. Staff work with communities to engage in the granting process. Peer reviews and Northern Advisors help to center community voices, knowledges and ideas in the granting process.



Tell us about your Project

Call or email us. We want to talk to you and learn about the project, identify if it fits with this funding opportunity, which granting stream is best for your project, and we can provide examples if needed. An application will be sent after we talk to each other. 

Complete an Application

Describe your project and activities that you would like to do. You can also apply orally by explaining your project over a recorded call. Create a budget showing the money required and how it will be spent. We can help you complete this application if needed.

Submission Due Date

Email your completed application by deadline. We can help you record your ideas and complete the application with you, but you need to contact us before the application deadline!



If you receive a grant, we will ask the following things of you and your community:

  • Financial Responsibility. Spend the money as planned and provide documentation. We will provide a simple template and ask recipients to keep receipts. Talk to us if your plans change. 
  • Story Sharing, Pictures and Evaluation. Tell us what happened, we want to learn from you! We want to know why the project is important to your community, what worked well, and what was difficult. Together we become stronger. 
  • Sharing with Others. Please share skills, knowledge, and ideas you have with other communities. Additionally, we will host conference calls to share stories with others who partner with us. 
  • Hosting Visitors. You may be asked to help host us in your community. We like to visit and learn!


These are the things you can expect from us:

  • Respectful Partnership. We will be respectful and clear. We want to partner with, and stand with, your community or organization on your journey. We want to learn from, and with you
  • In-Kind Support and Information Sharing. We support your work financially; by telling others the story of your project, by sharing other grant opportunities, by facilitating gatherings to benefit your work, and by supporting travel to conference and meeting opportunities. 
  • Listening. We will listen to your ideas and to your questions, comments, concerns or challenges. We want to learn what we can do better to help communities. 



Call or email us to discuss how your idea might fit with this funding opportunity.